Hindu Temple visit

We had a lovely visit to the Hindu Temple in Swindon today.  We were greeted by Pradeep and his friends and we had to say “Namaste” to each other.

Next, we had to take our shoes off as a sign of respect and then we went upstairs to the main room.  As we walked along, we could see beautiful statues and pictures on the wall and we recognised Ganesha the elephant god straight away.

The main temple was so colourful with lights, candles and decorations hanging from the ceiling.  We sat on a large rug and listened to Pradeep telling us about Hinduism and how Hindus lead their lives.  They try to make their lives as good as they can be so that all will be well when they are reborn and enter their next life.  Some of the names were very strange but we tried to listen well.  After that, we heard the Rama and Sita story which told us why Hindus celebrate the festival of Diwali.

Then we tried some meditation.  We had to sit with our legs crossed, make a circle shape with our thumbs and forefingers and say “om” over and over.  It was very quiet and relaxing and no one moved at all!! Mrs Witney says that we should practise this some more in our classroom in school!

At the end, we were given Indian bhajis, biscuits and sweets and we really enjoyed them.  We were back in school by 1.30pm, so we had a late lunch and playtime.

We had a fun day!


One thought on “Hindu Temple visit

  1. Wow it looks like a fantastic visit so colourful! Jemima has been telling her family all about the gods she learned about and what she saw.


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