Friday 4th May

In science we have been doing some fossil making. How to make it: Get a lump of clay and a strip of paper, a roll of selotape and some plaster of Paris. Get  the lump of clay and the strip of paper make the strip into a ring and then put the clay inside the paper. […]

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In Sycamore Class we have been doing our presentations.  We have heard ones about dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, brothers, places, clubs, reptiles, animals and dancing. We have also been learning about statistics and we all went to the Nelson to collect information about the colours of cars and we made bar charts. We have had a visit […]

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Hindu Temple visit

We had a lovely visit to the Hindu Temple in Swindon today.  We were greeted by Pradeep and his friends and we had to say “Namaste” to each other. Next, we had to take our shoes off as a sign of respect and then we went upstairs to the main room.  As we walked along, […]

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World Book day

What some wonderful costumes we have all worn today!  From Harry Potter to Pinocchio, we have had a really good day.  Thankyou to Niamh for making us a lemon drizzle cake to go with her character Matilda Ramsey.  In the afternoon, we worked with children from Year 1 and Year 5 to share a special […]

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Friday 23rd February

We had a fun time yesterday when we all made chocolate chip cookies.  The reason we made them is because we are learning more about instruction writing in English this term.  We followed the recipe instructions very carefully and the biscuits were scrumptious.  We have started French again now that we have time because our […]

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Term 4!!

So here we are at the start of Term 4 and half way through the year already!  But what an exciting way to start the new term with 2 visits to Forest School.  By the mud on happy faces and willow bows and arrows made, it was clear to see that a good time was […]

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Welcome to Sycamore Class’ blog! These posts will be written by us (the children) and Mrs Witney! We hope you enjoy seeing what we get up to 😊

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